An Entrepreneurship Tale

From lowly dev to funded founder and the missteps and lessons along the way.

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Of all the talks I’ve given this one, on my journey from being a developer to being a founder to being a non-starving founder, was the one I loved giving the most. I’d given everywhere from Mountain View to Helsinki to Singapore and I hope my rather sordid tale about the genesis of UserVoice has inspired those in the audience to pursue their startup dreams.

Last year I had the special opportunity to give this talk, for the final time, at Triangle Startup Weekend 2012, hosted at my alma mater (NC State University) in my hometown of Raleigh, NC (and where we have our newest UserVoice office). Most importantly it gave me a chance to give this talk in front of the folks that really made this all possible, my original angel investors, my amazing parents who supported me both emotionally and especially financially when I needed it most.

I hope you enjoy it, have a laugh at my missteps and hopefully resolve to make your own. And I hope you attend Triangle Startup Weekend 2013 this July 12-14 in Durham, NC.

PS Yes, it got a little emotional for me at the end. :)


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